Special Wishes Card


Special occasion gift card in light green and purple, featuring varied fonts with warm wishes. Canvas interior awaits heartfelt messages, perfect for expressing love and best wishes to cherished ones.


Discover our versatile gift card, expertly crafted for momentous occasions, allowing you to extend warm wishes to loved ones. Its front design is an aesthetic blend of light green and purple hues, adorned with diverse fonts, each echoing special wishes, enveloping the receiver with warmth. Inside, a canvas awaits your touch, ready for a genuine, heartfelt message. This card is a perfect embodiment of care, ensuring your best wishes reach those you hold dear. A sought-after choice for those turning to online platforms for expressive and uniquely designed cards to celebrate and connect with their cherished ones.

Additional information

Weight 0.150 kg
Dimensions 10 × 1 × 15 cm


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