Strawberry 6ml Roll On Attar


Strawberry is a very opaque fragrance in the sense that there is a variety of notes that go with it. The notes are predominantly sweet and there is hints of musk.


Embark on a fragrant journey with the opaque allure of strawberry scent. This fragrance is a masterful blend, evoking the sweetness of ripe strawberries intertwined with subtle whispers of musk. The bouquet unfurls various notes, each harmoniously complementing the other, crafting an enigmatic and diverse aromatic experience. The sweet undertones captivate the senses, while the musk adds a depth and intensity, making the fragrance rich and multifaceted.

Let the entrancing aroma of strawberry delicately envelop you, transcending the ordinary and immersing you in a world of exceptional olfactory delight. Experience the all-encompassing fragrance, where every note tells a story, enchanting the senses with its unique complexity.

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Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 5 cm

6 ml


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