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“Saaliha’s Study Habits” inspires good manners through fun stories about Saaliha’s diligence. Teach children the importance of studying well for positive results. A colorful, funny, and educational read for young minds.


“Saaliha’s Study Habits” is a delightful book that inspires children to develop good manners through fun stories based on the exemplary character of Prophet Muhammad. Saaliha, a diligent student, showcases the importance of good study habits by revising her lessons daily, setting a positive example for young readers. The book emphasizes the connection between study habits and positive outcomes while promoting the development of good character, morals, and values from an early age. With its colorful and funny narrative, “Saaliha’s Study Habits” creates an engaging and educational reading experience, offering young readers valuable lessons on diligence, respect, and the joy of learning.

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