Surah Yaseen And Ayatul Kursi Pocket Size


Discover a comprehensive book featuring Surah Yaseen and Ayatul Kursi with Arabic text, transliteration, and translations. An essential resource for spiritual seekers looking to understand and connect with these revered Quranic verses.


Unveil the spiritual treasures of Surah Yaseen and Ayatul Kursi with this comprehensive book. It presents the original Arabic text alongside transliteration and translations, enabling readers to deepen their understanding and connection to these profound Quranic verses. Surah Yaseen is known for its spiritual significance, while Ayatul Kursi is revered for its protective qualities. With this resource, individuals can recite, comprehend, and reflect upon these verses, fostering a stronger connection to their faith and spiritual growth. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned Quranic scholar, this book provides valuable insights and guidance to enhance your spiritual journey.

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