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This bakhoor exudes an opaque aura, enchanting users with its sublime oud blend. The aroma is deeply soothing, captivating senses and offering a serene, aromatic experience that lingers in memory. Perfect for moments of relaxation and reflection.


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This bakhoor stands as a testament to craftsmanship and tradition, exuding an almost mystical, opaque aura that seems to transcend the ordinary. At its heart lies a sublime blend of oud, a scent renowned for its depth and richness in the world of fragrances. Every whiff promises to be deeply soothing, making it an essential choice for those seeking solace in aroma. Its fragrance doesn’t merely fade away; it captivates the senses, leaving an indelible mark that offers a serene, aromatic experience.

This bakhoor’s lasting impression lingers not just in the air but also in memory, evoking emotions and moments from the past. It is the perfect accompaniment for moments of relaxation, meditation, and reflection, serving as a bridge between the present and the timeless.


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