The Easy Quran A Translation In Simple English


The Easy Quran offers a plain English translation, arranged in paragraphs for easy comprehension. Perfect for newcomers, young readers, and anyone seeking a straightforward introduction to the Quran.


The Easy Quran provides a clear and simple English translation, with verses arranged in paragraphs for enhanced understanding. Suitable for beginners, young individuals, and those desiring an uncomplicated interpretation of the Quran. This edition eliminates diacritics, archaic language, and untranslated words, ensuring a smooth reading experience. Whether it’s your first encounter with the Quran or you’re seeking a user-friendly version, this edition offers accessibility without compromising the essence of the sacred text. Dive into the wisdom of the Quran with ease and clarity, allowing its timeless teachings to resonate deeply within you.

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Dimensions 10 × 2 × 18 cm


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