The Meaning Of The Holy Quran


Enhanced edition of the Quran featuring Arabic numerals, Surah names transliterated, Juz’ division markers, and improved Madinah script. Updated terminology and commentary for clarity and authenticity.

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This enhanced edition of the Quran features Arabic numerals, transliterated Surah names, Juz’ division markers, and improved Madinah script. Updated Islamic terminology like ‘Allah’ and ‘Messenger’ enhances authenticity. The reset type with updated spelling and transliteration ensures accuracy. Extensive commentary has been revised for clarity, minimizing misinterpretation. Whether for personal study, academic research, or spiritual reflection, this edition offers a clearer and more accessible presentation of the sacred text, catering to both Arabic speakers and learners alike. Explore the Quran with confidence, knowing that this edition prioritizes accuracy, clarity, and authenticity.

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