The Prophets


An invaluable aid in a multi-cultural society where comparative religion is taught in most schools, this very readable book illustrates in clear and simple words the Qur’anic perspective of the Prophets who were sent by God to mankind. The author presents the fascinating stories of nine of the most well-known.

Prophets who are described most frequently in the Qur’an, including:

  • Adam
  • Nuh (Noah)
  • Ibrahim (Abraham)
  • Musa (Moses)
  • ‘Isa (Jesus),
  • Finishing with the final Prophet, Muhammad, blessings and peace be on him and them

These immensely interesting true stories confirm that all of the Prophets were sent by one and the same God, Allah, and that the original teachings and way of life of all the Prophets were fundamentally the same. Beautifully illustrated in full colour, this book will be attractive to both children and parents alike, as well as being a valuable resource for teachers in both primary and secondary schools. An invaluable source of knowledge that will help to dispel the confusion, which is often created by hearing different versions of the same story.

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