The Quran In Its Own Light


Dr. Noorul Hasan’s remarkable work explores Quranic verses about the Quran, offering comprehensive knowledge on revelation and more. A significant contribution to Islamic Dawah.


Dr. Noorul Hasan’s book is a remarkable contribution to Islamic Dawah, shedding light on Quranic verses about the Quran itself. It serves as a valuable informer, unveiling insights into revelation and related topics. Containing nearly all relevant Quranic verses, it provides comprehensive knowledge about the Quran’s revelation, guiding readers through its significance and deeper understanding. This work represents a new dawn in the field of Islamic Dawah, offering clarity and wisdom for those seeking to explore the Quran’s teachings. Dr. Noorul Hasan’s meticulous effort captures the essence of Quranic discourse, making it an essential resource for anyone interested in delving into the Quran’s profound message.

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