The Ways Of The Sahabah


Explore the Arba’een (40 Hadith) by Imam Nawawi with insightful commentary by Mufti Muhammad Aashiq Ilaahi. Essential teachings for a deeper understanding of Islam.


Uswa-e-Sahabah is a renowned book that vividly illustrates the life stories and remarkable achievements of the companions of the Holy Prophet. Beyond being a historical account, it serves as a wellspring of inspiration for Muslims. This book delves into the lives of the Muhajirs, Ansars, the Ashra Mubashsharah, female companions, and their conduct, beliefs, daily routines, social behavior, ethics, and politics. Central to it is their profound love for the Prophet. The book meticulously excludes unfounded reports and myths. The English translation faithfully reflects the original Urdu text. Translated by Muhammad Younus Qureshi, an esteemed scholar with a rich educational background.

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