Tiger Balm Red Ointment


Potent herbal remedy for pain relief. Fast-acting, warming sensation soothes muscle aches and tension.

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Discover the therapeutic wonders of Tiger Balm Red Ointment. Drawing from age-old herbal wisdom, this potent formula offers rapid relief from muscle pain, strains, and tension. Its distinctive warming sensation penetrates deep, ensuring effective alleviation from discomfort. Whether you’ve overexerted at the gym or are battling daily aches, a dab of this ointment is all you need to regain comfort.

Housed in its iconic container, Tiger Balm Red has been a trusted companion for generations, owing to its unmatched efficacy and quality. Embrace natural relief and let the balm work its magic!

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Weight 0.055 kg
Dimensions 2 × 1 × 4 cm

10 ml


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