Ur Way


Indulge in “Ur Way,” a highly feminine fragrance crafted from sustainably sourced global ingredients. This scent is an ode to discovery and connection, perfect for the open-minded, authentic woman seeking elegance. Immerse yourself in notes of Egyptian orange blossom, Indian tuberose, and Madagascar vanilla.

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“Ur Way” invites you on a sensory journey with sustainably sourced ingredients worldwide. This feminine fragrance celebrates discovery and connection, tailored for the open-minded, authentic woman eager to expand her horizons. Its elegant aroma harmonizes notes of orange blossoms from Egypt, extracted meticulously from hand-picked bitter orange fruit. Indian tuberose blossoms near Mysore contribute to the captivating middle notes, while the base notes feature Madagascar vanilla, obtained through a socially responsible program supporting the local community. With a touch of sandalwood, this fragrance is an olfactory masterpiece, telling a story of global exploration and responsible luxury—a perfect companion for those ready to embrace the world on their terms.

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