Vincenzo 15ml Roll on Attar


An articulate fragrance showcasing a spectrum of sweet tones, with vanilla taking center stage.

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“Vincenzo” is not merely a scent; it’s a crafted olfactory narrative. It seamlessly weaves a tapestry of sweet undertones, each telling its own story, but the undeniable protagonist here is vanilla. This prominent note carries a creamy richness that envelops the senses, evoking feelings of warmth and nostalgic comfort.

Yet, the sophistication of “Vincenzo” lies in how it presents vanilla—not as a mere sweet note, but as an articulate expression of elegance and luxury. Each application is like embarking on a sensory journey, where familiar sweetness meets unexpected depth. Whether for daily wear or special occasions, “Vincenzo” stands out as a fragrance that speaks volumes.

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15 ml


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