White Designer Bukhoor Burner 00887


Behold a breathtaking bukhoor burner, graced with a pristine white accent finish. Adorned with elegant gold patterns across its main body, this masterpiece of artistry radiates sophistication, seamlessly blending exquisite design with exceptional aromatic functionality.


Introducing a bukhoor burner that is a true epitome of artistry and elegance. With a breathtaking design featuring a sublime white accent finish, it exudes purity and sophistication. The intricate gold patterns gracefully traversing its main body add an impeccable touch of luxury and refinement. This isn’t just a bukhoor burner, but a distinguished piece of art that elevates the aesthetic appeal of your space while filling it with captivating aromas.

Its well-thought design guarantees not only a delightful olfactory experience but also adds a statement of opulence to your décor. Relish in the sophisticated charm and exceptional functionality of this lovely bukhoor burner, a harmonious blend of beauty, elegance, and aromatic excellence.

Additional information

Weight 0.264 kg
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 7 cm


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