White & Gold Bukhoor Burner AM00886


Discover our amazing bukhoor burner, boasting a breathtaking pattern and harmonious color blend, meticulously matched to its dominant hue. Accompanied by a compartment for sole storage, it’s a symphony of design, functionality, and aesthetic elegance.


Delve into a realm of unmatched elegance with our distinctively crafted bukhoor burner. It stands out as an artistic marvel, displaying an exquisite pattern and a specialized color scheme, seamlessly aligned with the burner’s primary shade for a unified and opulent visual allure. This attentively designed piece goes beyond traditional expectations, serving not just as a source of enticing aromas but also as an eye-catching enhancement to your interior design.

The burner is furnished with an exclusive compartment, offering a handy space for storing the sole. This element underscores our devotion to merging practicality with sophistication, assuring your experience is as streamlined as it is deluxe.



Additional information

Weight 0.290 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 7 cm


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