White Vanilla 50 ml Perfume


White vanilla from Amsons’ exclusive collection boasts a balanced musky base, not too overpowering or sweet. Its standout feature is the delightful vanilla extract note. These fragrances are 100% alcohol-free.

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White vanilla, a signature scent from Amsons’ esteemed exclusive collection, stands out in the realm of fragrances. Its core character is defined by a harmoniously balanced musky base, which manages to tread the fine line between being assertive without being overpowering, and sweet without veering into saccharine territory.

The highlight of this fragrance is undoubtedly the delightful vanilla extract note, which rises above the base and leaves a lasting impression on the olfactory senses. It’s not just a scent, but an experience that evokes warmth and luxury. Additionally, what sets this perfume apart even further is its conscientious formulation: it boasts a 100% alcohol-free composition, ensuring a pure, undiluted aroma and making it suitable for those seeking a more natural fragrance choice.

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50 ml


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