Wings Of Faith


In a world of instant gratification, “Wings of Faith: Patience and Gratitude” delves into the profound meanings of sabr (patience) and shukr (gratitude). Discover their vital roles in adversity and grace.


In a world dominated by immediate gratification and the lure of instant rewards, “Wings of Faith: Patience and Gratitude” offers a profound exploration of the concepts of sabr (patience) and shukr (gratitude). While sabr is often narrowly understood as patience, this work delves into its broader and deeper meanings. It underscores the crucial relationship between these two virtues, dispelling the misconception that patience is solely for hardships and gratitude for blessings. Both are essential, whether facing adversity or grace. The book provides valuable insights for Muslims, emphasizing the significance of embracing sabr and shukr as inseparable means of navigating life’s challenges and blessings.

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