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“Maison Alhambra’s Zaffiro Collection Crafted Oud Perfume radiates luxury. Indian saffron meets sophisticated jasmine, rounded by spicy cardamom and soft rose notes. An olfactive signature of sophisticated jasmine.

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“Experience the opulence of Maison Alhambra with the Zaffiro Collection Crafted Oud Perfume, a masterpiece inspired by Thameen Carved Oud. Commence your olfactory journey with the intoxicating allure of Indian saffron, a note as precious as it is captivating.

At its heart, the sophisticated jasmine reigns supreme, presenting an olfactive signature that’s both powerful and refined. As it dries down, the warmth of spicy cardamom intertwines with the romantic undertones of soft rose, creating a harmonious balance that speaks of timeless luxury. The main accords resonate with the boldness of spicy cardamom and the gentle caress of rose, celebrating the essence of true sophistication.

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