Zubair Ibn al Awwam


Explore the life of Zubair ibn al-Awwam (RA), one of the Ten Promised Paradise” Companions. Discover his remarkable strength, bravery, and the Prophet’s special regard for him. A captivating story for all ages.


Discover the life of Zubair ibn al-Awwam (RA) in this second book of the series dedicated to the “Ten Promised Paradise” Companions, the elite of our community. Regarded by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as his special helper, Zubair’s extraordinary strength and bravery are captivating. Learn about his mother, Safiya, and his remarkable wife, Asma bint Abi Bakr. This book offers valuable lessons from his life that we can teach our children. Zubair’s story is a testament to his unwavering faith and dedication to Islam, making it an inspiring read for all ages.

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