1001 Nights

Ajmal 1001 Nights Perfume Oil seamlessly blends antique charm with cutting-edge technology. Zesty and smoky aromas lead to a floral medley, culminating in a long-lasting musky and woody finish. Housed in an enchanting genie’s lamp-inspired bottle, it captures the allure of ‘1001 Arabian Nights.’

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Experience the enchantment of Ajmal 1001 Nights Perfume Oil, a fusion of antique customs and modern technology. This exquisite fragrance opens with zesty and smoky notes, evolving into a captivating blend of floral accents. The journey concludes with a lingering musky and woody finish, creating a sensorial masterpiece. Inspired by the tales of ‘1001 Arabian Nights,’ the Eau de Parfum is encased in a mesmerizing bottle reminiscent of a genie’s lamp. The matte-gold casing and silver lid adorn the Arabian-style container, enhancing the mystique of the scent that transports you to the magical and enigmatic realms of the East.

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