40 Hadith On The Quran


Explore profound Prophetic narrations about the Quran in “40 Hadeeth on the Qurân” by A.B. al-Mehri. Though exceeding forty in number, these selected hadiths hold immense importance and relevance for our times.


Dive into the world of the Quran through “40 Hadeeth on the Qurân” by A.B. al-Mehri. This booklet presents a collection of Prophetic narrations that delve deep into the Quran’s connotations. While the book includes more than forty narrations, forty specific hadiths have been numbered to underscore their significance, status, and relevance in our modern era.

May Allah enable us to memorize, benefit from, and implement the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) concerning the Quran. Let us strive to be among the People of the Quran, living by it, calling to it, judging by it, and reciting, learning, and pondering over it day and night. May the Quran serve as a proof in our favor, not against us. Ameen.

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