Imam Muslim’s Sahih, a renowned Hadith collection, summarized in one volume. A comprehensive work meticulously compiled and authenticated by Imam Muslim. Translated and edited by Aftab Shahryar.


Discover the condensed version of Imam Muslim’s Sahih, a revered collection of Hadith, now available in one convenient volume. Imam Muslim, a meticulous scholar, selected 4000 authentic Traditions from a pool of 300,000, ensuring their trustworthiness and reliability. This work, expertly translated and edited by Aftab Shahryar, is a valuable resource for those seeking authentic Hadith.

Imam Muslim’s methodology in Hadith classification and authentication is closely observed, making this book an essential addition to your Islamic library. Aftab Shahryar, a scholar and researcher with expertise in languages and Islamic studies, presents this important work for the benefit of all seekers of Islamic knowledge.

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