Discover the classical work “Athar as-Sunan” by Allanah an-Nimawi, linking fiqh rulings, particularly Hanafi Madhhab, to their source Hadiths. Essential for understanding Islamic jurisprudence.


Allanah an-Nimawi’s classical work, ‘Athar as-Sunan,’ is a profound exploration of fiqh rulings, especially within the Hanafi Madhhab, connected to their source Hadiths. It meticulously reviews leading scholars’ assessments of the Hadith chains of transmission. Although the sections on ritual purity and prayer are complete, the subject matter addresses contemporary issues, making it a relevant and authoritative reference work.

It sheds light on practices that have become sources of controversy today. For anyone seriously interested in Hanafi Fiqh and Islamic jurisprudence, this work is an essential study. Its careful analysis of Hadiths and their implications enriches the understanding of Islamic legal principles.

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