7 Steps to Spiritual Intelligence


7 Steps to Spiritual Intelligence offers a contemporary guide to developing a spiritual life in Islam. Dr. Musharraf Hussain explores seven steps, drawing from Imam Ghazali and classical scholars’ teachings.


Embark on a transformative journey of spiritual growth with “7 Steps to Spiritual Intelligence.” Dr. Musharraf Hussain presents a contemporary roadmap to develop a profound spiritual life rooted in Islamic values. Drawing inspiration from Imam Ghazali and classical scholars, this guide introduces seven essential steps: genuine seeking of God, spiritual directorship, grasping spiritual intelligence, embracing simplicity and contentment, persistent practice, mindful remembrance and prayer, and introspection and self-control. Dr. Hussain’s insights, shaped by years of teaching young Muslims, offer a practical and accessible approach to aligning one’s life with universal spiritual values in Islam. Illuminate your path to closeness with God through this enlightening book.

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