Join Hamza Andreas Tzortzis on a journey exploring the rational and spiritual foundations of Islam while deconstructing atheism. “The Divine Reality” offers powerful arguments for God’s existence, the Qur’an, and more.


In “The Divine Reality” (Revised 6/2018), Hamza Andreas Tzortzis presents a compelling case for the rational and spiritual underpinnings of Islam. He intelligently dismantles atheism while articulating the existence of God, the authenticity of the Qur’an, and the significance of Prophet Muhammad. Tzortzis addresses academic and popular objections, demonstrating that contemporary atheism rests on false assumptions about reality, leading to incoherent answers to life’s essential questions.

This book explores topics like hope, happiness, human value, ultimate purpose, consciousness, the universe’s origin, evil and suffering, scientific progress, revelation, and the worthiness of God’s worship. It provides a comprehensive account of Islamic theism, drawing from Western and Islamic thought, making it an essential read for those seeking answers to profound questions.

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