Ahsan Al Qawaid Additional Surahs


Ahsan al-Qawa’id with gloss finish is perfect for children learning to read the Quran. It features kalimahs, wudhu, salah guidance, and is color-coded on laminated paper for easy understanding. Additional content includes 10 surahs, 6 kalimah, sifat e iman, and dua-e-qunoot.


Ahsan al-Qawa’id with a gloss finish is an excellent resource for children delving into Quranic reading. The laminated, color-coded pages enhance comprehension, covering kalimahs, wudhu, salah procedures, and more. Specifically designed for young learners, it goes beyond with additional content: 10 surahs, 6 kalimahs, sifat e iman, along with guidance on performing wudhu, salah, and dua-e-qunoot. This comprehensive approach not only focuses on Quranic literacy but also incorporates essential aspects of Islamic practice, providing a well-rounded foundation for children to deepen their understanding of the Quran and its teachings.

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