Yassarnal Quran Easy To Learn Quran


We present the Qāʻidah Yassarnal-Qur’ān in English instructions while retaining the original Arabic text. These instructions, when followed carefully, enable beginners, including children, to efficiently learn and correctly read the Qur’ān within approximately six months.


Delighted to offer the Qāʻidah Yassarnal-Qur’ān with English instructions, maintaining the original Arabic text. These instructions, meticulously followed, empower beginners, including children, to efficiently and accurately learn Quranic Arabic. The primer’s design facilitates correct pronunciation and comprehension. Results indicate that even a novice can achieve Quranic reading proficiency within approximately six months. This testament to the primer’s effectiveness underscores its role as an accessible and impactful tool for learners embarking on the journey of mastering the Arabic text of the Qur’ān. The integration of English instructions ensures broader accessibility and inclusivity for those seeking a systematic approach to learning the sacred text.

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