Al Qaida Nooraniah


Explore Arabic Large Colour Print with the Uthmani Script in the Noorani Qaida. A popular choice for decades in various Muslim regions, it differs from the one used in India/Pakistan-based Madrassahs. This version adheres to the Uthmani Script, widely utilized in the Arab and North African world.

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Renowned for decades across Muslim regions, this version aligns with the Uthmani Script prevalent in the Arab and North African world. Its large color print enhances readability, making it an effective resource for learners. Whether beginners or those seeking to refine their Arabic reading skills, this Noorani Qaida offers a unique approach. Embracing the Uthmani Script, it provides a valuable learning tool for individuals in various Muslim communities, fostering a connection to the authentic script used in a significant part of the Arab and North African world.

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