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Safar Qa’idah, a product of a decade’s teacher consultation, offers 13 progressive levels addressing unique learning features. It bridges gaps in contemporary Qa’idahs with graphics, exercises, and authentic 13-line Qur’anic script, fostering a complete approach to Qur’anic reading.


The Safar Qa’idah, born from a decade of teacher insights, stands out with its 13 progressive levels, addressing specific learning aspects. Designed to fill gaps in contemporary methods, each level ensures a gradual and logical progression. Inclusion of graphics, supplementary exercises, and exclusive Qur’anic words provides students with a holistic approach to reading the Qur’an. The script, directly imported from the widely used 13-line Qur’an, distinguishes it from computer fonts and alternative calligraphers. Unique elements like the marking code “dirty” and checklist facilitate efficient progress tracking and communication among students, parents, and teachers. As part of the comprehensive Safar Tajwid curriculum, it complements the I Can Read Qur’an series.

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