Noorani Qaaidah With English, Urdu & Transliteration


“Noorani Qaaidah” is a precious gift for learning and teaching the Holy Quran, designed for children. It includes English, Urdu, and transliteration, facilitating a comprehensive understanding. This resource ensures a supportive environment for beginners, fostering effective Quranic education.


Presenting “Noorani Qaaidah,” a valuable gift for learning and teaching the Holy Quran, with a focus on children. This resource features English, Urdu, and transliteration, creating a comprehensive learning experience. Ideal for beginners, it provides a supportive platform for effective Quranic education. The inclusion of English and Urdu aids in understanding and pronunciation, making it accessible to a broader audience. Whether for self-learning or with the guidance of tutors, this Qaaidah ensures a seamless and structured approach to Quranic recitation. A thoughtful and inclusive resource, it fosters a deep connection to the Quran, making the learning journey engaging and fulfilling.

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