Al-Ghazali On The Lawful & The Unlawful


Explore Al-Ghazali’s teachings on the lawful and unlawful in this spiritual work. Discover how to apply these principles to everyday life, guided by prudence and religious wisdom.


Delve into Al-Ghazali’s profound insights on the lawful and unlawful in The Book of the Lawful and the Unlawful, a chapter from his renowned work, The Revival of the Religious Sciences. This unique Islamic spiritual guide goes beyond legal matters, teaching readers not only the theory of what is permissible and prohibited but also how to navigate ambiguous issues. Al-Ghazali emphasizes the importance of prudence (wara) in applying this knowledge to daily life, with varying degrees of prudence explained. Supported by Quranic verses, Prophetic narrations, and examples from the Companions and pious predecessors, it integrates the practice of the lawful and avoidance of the unlawful into one’s spiritual journey.

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