Arabic Alphabet Flashcards


These new, vibrant Flashcards satisfy children’s curiosity, offering endless educational fun. Each card, printed on durable 400gsm coated paper, displays a letter, its makhraj (origin of pronunciation), and sifat (quality), all color-coded for easy learning. This effective approach reinforces basic skills, suitable for home or school use for children aged 2 and above.

The set includes 35 wipe-clean cards, ensuring long-lasting, engaging learning experiences for young learners. Discover the joy of learning with these unique, interactive flashcards, providing transliteration, sifat, and makhraj of each letter, making them a perfect educational tool for building a solid foundation in language learning.


Elevate your child’s learning journey with our innovative flashcards, engineered to satiate young curiosity and impart robust educational value. These striking, vibrantly coloured cards are meticulously designed to ensure a delightful learning process. Each card unveils the makhraj and silat of each letter, accentuated by unique colour codes for effortless comprehension and learning. Proven highly effective in bolstering basic skills and reinforcing learning, these flashcards are versatile for both home and school or madrassah environments. Crafted for durability each card is printed on robust 400gsm coated paper.

The set includes 35 easy to clean cards, transcending the learning experience for children aged 2 and above. Each card offers clear transliteration, empowering seamless learning.

Dive into an enriching educational adventure with our flashcards, guaranteeing not just learning but a celebration of knowledge, fun and vibrant growth for every young learner. Your child’s pathway to engaging and comprehensive learning is just a card away!

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