Arabic Words Flash Cards


Build up your child’s Arabic vocabulary with these brightly illustrated flash cards. Each card has the word in clear Arabic, with translation and transliteration. The cards are divided in to five colour coded categories:

Vehicles = red
Places = Green
Nature = Orange
Clothes = Lilac
Food = Blue


Enhance your child’s Arabic vocabulary through captivating illustrated flash cards. These vibrant cards feature easily readable Arabic words alongside translations and user-friendly transliterations. Scientifically proven to enhance learning, flash cards engage visual memory, boosting language retention. Explore Arabic effortlessly as your child associates words with vibrant images.

These cards serve as an interactive tool, aiding comprehension and pronunciation. Unlock the potential of language acquisition by harnessing the effectiveness of flash cards. Make learning Arabic an enjoyable journey with this educational resource, perfectly designed to optimize vocabulary expansion in a dynamic and engaging manner. Empower your child’s linguistic journey today!

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