Al Haramain Muntasira Oudh Ma’al Attar


Al Haramain Muntasira Oudh Ma’al Attar 75gms boasts a captivating scent. This well-balanced perfume impeccably caters to every user’s desires, merging tradition with contemporary allure.


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Scented Oud Wood Chips offer a journey into the heart of nature’s beauty. Crafted meticulously, these chips combine the rustic essence of natural wood with the calming undertones of sandal powder. The inclusion of alluring amber provides a touch of warmth, enveloping the senses in a gentle embrace. At the core of this blend is the authentic Oud Attar, a prized and revered fragrance in perfumery, known for its deep and resonant notes.

Together, these ingredients culminate in a scent profile that is both simple and luxurious. Perfect for those seeking a serene and opulent aromatic experience, these wood chips encapsulate the harmony and richness of the natural world.

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Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 11 cm


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