Bukhoor Oud Ma’al Attar Large


Oud ma’al attar, al Haramain’s best-selling bukhoor, combines woody, amber, and saffron in thin strands soaked in pure oudh oil for a mellow aroma.

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Discover Oud ma’al attar, al Haramain’s celebrated bukhoor fragrance. This divine scent fuses woody, amber, and saffron elements, resulting in a heavenly aroma. Presented in delicate, brown strands, each piece is generously doused in pure oudh perfume oil, imparting a mellow, enduring fragrance. As it wafts through the air, it invigorates your mind, body, and soul, carrying the timeless tradition of Arabian fragrance.

This enchanting aroma has transcended centuries, keeping the ancient fragrant flame alight, rejuvenating your essence and permeating your spaces with its luxurious scent. Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Oud ma’al attar and let its exquisite aroma accompany you throughout the day.

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