Al Haramain Oudh Adam


Al Haramain’s Oudh Adam offers a luxurious scent kit, perfectly balanced for those seeking an extraordinary fragrance experience beyond the ordinary.


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Al Haramain, a distinguished name in the world of perfumery, introduces Oudh Adam, an epitome of olfactory elegance. This isn’t just a perfume; it’s a complete scent kit meticulously curated to meet the multifaceted needs of its user. The intricacy of its composition speaks volumes, promising more than just a fleeting fragrance experience. Designed for those who crave an essence that transcends the mundane, Oudh Adam is for the discerning individual who desires depth, richness, and a scent that complements their dynamic life.

Every note is harmoniously blended, ensuring a well-balanced aroma that lingers and captivates. Dive into a world where luxury meets tradition, and let Oudh Adam be your chosen signature, setting you apart from the ordinary.

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Weight 0.425 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 24 cm


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