Nafees OUD Moatar 50g


Bakhoor Al Nafees by Banafa for Oud, made in Saudi Arabia, captivates with its gorgeous, sweet, and musky aroma. Elevate your surroundings with this refined and delightful incense, epitomizing Arabian luxury and olfactory indulgence.

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Unveil the world of exquisite Arabian fragrances with Bakhoor Al Nafees by Banafa for Oud. Crafted in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, this incense ensnares the senses with its sublime, sweet, and musky scent, transcending ordinary experiences into realms of opulence and sensory delight. Each note intertwines to release an aroma that echoes the ancient traditions and luxurious scents of the Arabian world.

Immerse your space in the elegant and enticing fragrance of Bakhoor Al Nafees, and let the rich, alluring aromas embrace your surroundings, infusing warmth, elegance, and a touch of exotic allure in every corner, making every moment a fragrant feast for the senses.

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