Al Nafees Oud Room Freshener

Organic fragrance eradicates home odors, ensuring a healthy environment. Biodegradable formula safe for homes, offices, or hotels. Eliminates strong odors, leaving a fresh scent.

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Experience the essence of purity with our organic fragrance, specifically crafted to eradicate persistent home odors and replace them with a breath of fresh air. This unique formula ensures not just a pleasing aroma, but also fosters a healthier living environment. Mindfully curated, our biodegradable formula signifies our commitment to sustainability and the environment, making it a safe choice not just for homes, but also for offices, hotels, and other spaces. Beyond merely masking, it dives deep to eliminate even the strongest of odors, ensuring that the ambiance is left refreshed and rejuvenated. Each use ensures a lingering, light, and clean fragrance, acting as a testament to its quality and effectiveness. Embrace a scent solution that’s as conscious of your health as it is of the planet.

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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 25 cm


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