Aqua Afrah Room Freshener


Aqua Perfume is an elite water-based scent crafted from a unique combination of essential oils. Designed to neutralize unwelcome smells, it infuses your environment with a delightful aroma. Suitable for curtains, carpets, and bed linens, Aqua Perfume refreshes and revives your space.

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Introducing Aqua Perfume, the epitome of olfactory elegance in a water-based formulation. Meticulously blended with handpicked essential oils, its signature scent is not only enchanting but also purposeful. Beyond just masking, it’s masterfully designed to combat and neutralize any undesired odors, transforming your environment into a haven of delightful aromas. But Aqua Perfume’s versatility doesn’t end there.

Whether it’s the soft drapes of your curtains, the cozy comfort of your bed linens, or the plush expanse of your carpets, a gentle spritz is all it takes to rejuvenate them. Dive into a sensory experience where each application promises to refresh, revive, and reinvigorate. With Aqua Perfume, every corner of your space sings a fragrant song of freshness and harmony.

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Weight 0.390 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 17 cm

375 ml


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