Amber Rouge By Orientica


A scent of passion with jasmine and saffron sparks, heartbeats of amber, and a lasting embrace of fir resin and cedarwood.

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Amber Rouge is like an ode to passionate tales. It beckons with the promise of completeness. Opening with the vibrant allure of jasmine and saffron, it captures the essence of romance. The fragrance’s core—a rich blend of amber wood and ambergris—reflects the intensity of heartfelt connections, and the sweet touch of praline adds to its charm. As the scent settles, fir resin and cedarwood leave a lasting impression, ensuring the aroma’s presence long after those passionate encounters. With Amber Rouge, every moment feels like a celebration—a dance of scents symbolizing love and obsession.

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Weight 0.410 kg
Dimensions 8 × 3 × 16 cm

80 ml


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