Haramain Amber Oud Ruby Edition


Sparkling elegance in a woody floral blend. Saffron kisses meet spring petals, anchored by earthy Fir Resin and warm Cedar accents. Unmissable allure.

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Introducing the much-anticipated Amber Oud Ruby Edition from Al Haramain, a gem in the world of fragrances. This 60ml Eau de Parfum carries a woody floral essence that sparkles like raindrops on a sunny day. The top notes unfold with the intriguing play of bitter almond and saffron, painting a vibrant opening. The heart resonates with the delicate charm of Egyptian jasmine combined with robust cedarwood, evoking the blossoming of spring flowers. Its base, a marriage of ambergris and woody musk, brings an earthy finish, while the cedar’s spicy undertones are reminiscent of black pepper’s warmth, enveloping you in comfort.

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Dimensions 7 × 5 × 15 cm

100 ml


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