Jannatul Firdous 50 Ml Perfume


Jannatul Firdous, from Amsons’ exclusive collection, is a potent, sweet scent with subtle floral undertones. This 100% alcohol-free fragrance embodies the essence of heavenly aromatics.

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Jannatul Firdous is more than just a name; it’s an olfactory promise of paradise. A centerpiece of Amsons’ exclusive collection, this fragrance exudes an irresistible blend of strength and sweetness. While its bold character immediately captures attention, a deeper inhalation reveals delicate floral hints, weaving a multifaceted aromatic story.

An array of harmoniously blended compounds gives life to Jannatul Firdous, painting a portrait of sophistication and allure. The commitment to purity is evident, as this perfume stands proudly alcohol-free, ensuring an unadulterated scent experience. With Jannatul Firdous, one doesn’t just wear a fragrance; they wear a legacy of excellence and tradition.

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Weight 0.190 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 10 cm

50 ml


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