Bakhoor Al Naseem


A beautiful smelling popular Bakhoor, Al Nasaem exudes a unique fragrance. Gentle to burn, it releases its aroma slowly, capturing the essence of the orient. This premium quality Bakhoor offers an authentic oriental Oudh scent, making it a prized incense bar for many.

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Al Nasaem stands out in a league of its own. With every waft, it exudes a unique and enchanting fragrance that’s reminiscent of the age-old traditions of the Middle East. Crafted with precision, it’s gentle to burn, ensuring that its rich aroma permeates the surroundings slowly, enveloping everyone in its warm embrace. It truly captures the essence of the orient, transporting you to ancient palaces and aromatic souks. Every ingredient chosen for this Bakhoor is of premium quality, ensuring an experience that’s unparalleled.

The highlight of Al Nasaem is its authentic oriental Oudh scent. This aroma has been cherished for centuries and continues to be a symbol of luxury and sophistication. It’s no surprise that for many, Al Nasaem is more than just incense; it’s a prized possession, a testament to their love for rich, oriental fragrances.

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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 14 cm


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