Bakhoor Bushra


Bukhoor Bushra is more than just a bukhoor with its unique blend of white musk, exotic flowers, iris, dehn al oudh and amber.

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Bukhoor Bushra stands apart in the world of fragrances, weaving an olfactory tapestry that transcends the ordinary. It is not merely a bukhoor but an experience waiting to envelop the senses. At its heart, you’ll find the rare allure of white musk, radiating a pure and ethereal scent profile. This is artfully combined with a bouquet of exotic flowers, which introduces a floral symphony to the blend. The deep, earthy notes of dehn al oudh provide a grounding counterpoint, while the velvety embrace of amber adds warmth and depth.

Lending a final touch of sophistication is the exquisite iris, casting a spell with its delicate charm. Every whiff of Bukhoor Bushra tells a story – one of luxury, mystique, and timeless elegance. Dive in and let it transform your ambiance.

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