Bakhoor Jumeirah


A luxurious oriental blend boasting floral and woody notes, warmed by soft vanilla undertones. Experience opulence and comfort in this rich, captivating aroma.

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Bukhoor Jumeirah stands as a beacon of luxury in the realm of oriental fragrances. Crafted with precision, this incense combines the elegance of floral bouquets with the sturdiness of woody elements. But what truly sets it apart is the gentle caress of soft vanilla, introducing warmth and a hint of sweetness. This well-balanced aroma, while rooted in tradition, resonates with the modern connoisseur, delivering an experience that’s both opulent and comforting. When lit, its rich, captivating scent permeates the room, creating an atmosphere of serenity and grandeur.

Bukhoor Jumeirah is more than just an aroma; it’s a journey through the lavish landscapes of the Orient, inviting all to indulge in its sensory embrace. Experience true luxury, encapsulated.

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