Bakhoor Oudh Khalifa


Bakhoor Khalifa by Otoori encapsulates their signature scent in tablet form. Perfect for charcoal or electric incense burners. Experience true fragrance mastery.



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Bakhoor Khalifa, an emblematic offering from Otoori, elegantly captures the essence of their signature Khalifa fragrance in a compressed tablet format. Crafted with precision and deep respect for olfactory arts, each tablet is a testament to the brand’s dedication to excellence and authenticity. Whether you prefer the traditional charcoal method or modern electric incense burners, Bakhoor Khalifa promises a transcendent aroma experience that lingers and captivates. Beyond just a fragrance, it offers an intimate journey into the heart of Otoori’s mastery, a blend that celebrates heritage, innovation, and passion.

As the scent wafts through your space, it not only elevates the ambiance but also serves as a reminder of the profound beauty that lies in attention to detail and craftsmanship. Experience true fragrance artistry with Bakhoor Khalifa.

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