Black Seed Shampoo- No added Fragrance


Fragrance-free. Gently cleanse and nourish your hair with the natural goodness of Black Seed without any added fragrances.


Unlock the power of Black Seed’s benefits as it gently cleanses, nourishes, and strengthens your hair. This fragrance-free formula is perfect for sensitive scalps and provides a soothing, refreshing cleanse. Rich in essential nutrients and antioxidants, Black Seed helps promote healthier hair growth, reduces hair fall, and adds natural shine.

Embrace the purity of this shampoo, knowing it contains no harsh chemicals or artificial scents. Transform your hair care routine and indulge in the natural goodness of Black Seed for beautifully revitalized and fragrant-free locks.

Additional information

Weight 0.125 kg
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 13 cm

100 ml


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