Men’s Ihram Bundle

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Introducing our premium Dobby Cotton Towel Ihram Bundle.

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Elevate your pilgrimage experience with our exquisite Dobby Cotton Towel Ihram. Crafted from plush, absorbent cotton, it guarantees unparalleled comfort throughout your Hajj or Umrah journey. Our Ihram collection offers diverse options to cater to your preferences and needs, featuring Fancy Ihram (1.1kg), Dobby (1.3kg), Jacquard (1.5kg), and Velour Jacquard (1.7kg) variants.

Each package includes two generously-sized towels, measuring a substantial 8ft by 4ft. Embrace the sacredness of your journey by selecting the ideal Ihram that suits your requirements. Make the most of your pilgrimage with our premium Ihram towels, designed to enhance your comfort and devotion. Choose excellence for your sacred journey.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 8 × 28 cm

Both Side Terry, Zero Twist, Both Side Terry 2, Zero Twist 2, Both Side Block Velour


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