Kids Both Side Terry Ihram


Discover the perfect Ihram for children! Our soft and comfortable design, measuring 30 x 90 inches, is ideal for ages up to 9 years. Made with care for a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

30 x 90 inches


Ensure your child’s comfort during Umrah or Hajj with our specially crafted Ihram. This soft and easy-to-wear garment, measuring 30 x 90 inches on both sides, is suitable for children up to 9 years old. The thoughtful design prioritizes comfort, allowing children to focus on the spiritual journey. Made with soft Terry fabric, it ensures a gentle feel against the skin. Whether it’s their first pilgrimage or not, this Ihram is tailored to provide ease and tranquility. Invest in a quality Ihram that understands the unique needs of children, making their sacred experience memorable and comfortable.


30 x 90 inches

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