Blue Water 8 ml Attar


A captivatingly fresh scent from Amsons that grows more prominent as it settles. An alcohol-free highlight from their exclusive collection.

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Dive into an olfactory experience that starts with a fresh, invigorating burst, capturing the essence of clarity and rejuvenation. Unique to this fragrance is its evolving nature; as it rests on the skin, its beauty intensifies, becoming even more pronounced and delightful. It’s a fragrance that doesn’t just wear but evolves, promising a dynamic aromatic journey. Being part of the Amsons exclusive collection not only speaks to its uniqueness but also its quality. Crafted without alcohol, it ensures a gentle, undiluted experience, allowing the purity of the fragrance to shine through. Choose this scent for a refreshing embrace that only grows stronger with time.

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Weight 0.110 kg
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 5 cm

8 ml


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